7 Popular Web Scraping Programs On The Internet – Semalt Expert Opinion

Data displayed on different websites and blogs can only be extracted using special web scrapers. You can either manually copy and paste a useful data into a Word Document or get a web scraping program installed on your machine. No matter which way you choose, you will have full access to the desired text and images. Web scraping software automatically loads and extracts data from various sites based on your requirements. Some of the best and most useful programs are mentioned below.

1. A1 Website Scraper:

Using this web scraping software, you can easily save your data in the form of CSV files or get those files imported to an office tool or web databases. This tool is great to extract images from heavy websites and works on weather, travel and hotel portals, extracting their data within seconds.

2. Web Scraping Library:

This is one of the most powerful web scraping programs. It is free of cost and creates well-structured and organized files for you. The best part is that it can help extract content from different web applications and get it converted into JSON format, spreadsheets, and Linq codes.

3. CatchaPage:

CatchPage works efficiently for both programmers and non-programmers and does not need you to pay a lot for its premium version. It is one of the most powerful web scraping programs that captures data from yellow pages, white pages, and huge directories without a problem.

4. Craigslist Web and Email Extractor:

The free version of this web extractor is widely used by social media marketers, SEO experts, and big organizations. You can get loads of data without worrying about its quality. Craigslist web and email extractor is good for both your websites and emails and can extract all the useful texts and images within hours.

5. Extract Anywhere:

If you are tired of traditional, premium web scraping programs and are actively looking for a suitable alternative, you must try Extract Anywhere. It is one of the most powerful programs and helps collect, organize and save data regardless of its quantity and complexity. With this tool, you can get the desired data within seconds rather than hours. Thus, it saves both your time and energy and gives the most accurate results.

6. File Email and Web Scraper:

File Email and Web Scraper lets you extract all email addresses and web content, and you can copy and paste that data into your Word files. Alternatively, it can save CSV files, PDFs and XML files for you in its own database, which you can access whenever you need.

7. FMiner:

FMiner is a freeware and one of the most powerful web scraping, web data extraction, web harvesting, web crawling and screen scraping programs. You can use it as a primary visual web scraper as this tool extracts both texts and images. It can also extract useful content from the video files and can perform a variety of tasks within a matter of minutes. The best part is that it will either save the data in its own cloud storage device or get it downloaded on your machine.